Libra Credit Binance Vote Manipulating activity

Juli Fernandez
Jul 26, 2018 · 3 min read
  1. Libra Credit group admin clearly give all information concerning ICO. Team address is provided which is 0x3019dbcd06d2cac9d09acbde9d0ae890f14f69ea

2. Let’s visit this wallet. We can see that this wallet was used for ICO. Different TX are going here. Let’s find some that went through. Open all 14955 TX and find a TX that went through. On the second page you can find some of these:

3. Now let’s open TxHash, any of them. I took this one: 0x88164465c6ad5a40e6bbe2077e19f9eb8b23c4b8e3b3bac1872df34d191c0e07

4. We see that Ethereum sent by the ICO participant falls in a wallet: 0x2a74f3A43A0b13eFdc1413C665E68aF7d09b0811

5. This is clearly one of the Team wallets. We see 3 TX here. One goes in from 0x107910c7C6CD6cf9011384cF62dF2341873a63EC the other goes out to the same wallet. I am pretty sure that Team does not do TX to random wallets from their FUNDS wallet. So I assume they know who are they transferring the funds to. It might be their wallet of it might be a wallet from a close supporter. Let’s check wallet:

6. We can see that when Libra credit started pushing their votes these transactions were made one after another. Let’s check Token TX of the same wallet:

7. We see that this wallet started distributing almost 20k BNB that is equal to 20k votes. Transactions of ~520 BNB were distributed into separate Binance accounts. Another ~7k BNB were sent to a wallet address: 0x78688462e1c467081Cb1e4A785Ec3ac76e4f2A7c . Where they were distributed to different Binance wallets once again.

8. As far as I know even if it’s a fund, they should only have 1 account — an enterprise one. This clearly seems to me as vote manipulation.

These two wallets that were manipulating the vote. Had total of 13333323 LBA tokens that sums up to be the top of the top 10 LBA holder

Juli Fernandez

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