3 Big Tips for Paperless Accounting.

If you’ve been to a traditional accounting firm recently, you will notice a lot of paper and files strewn around. It can get frustrating having to deal with so many piles of papers. This could be one of the reasons why traditional accounting firms are often messy and disorganized.

One of the best ways to make your accounting firm more efficient is to turn towards paperless accounting. In this article we give you a few important tips on paperless accounting which you can use. We show you how you can make your processes faster and more effective with paperless accounting.

#1: Switch to Cloud Accounting — The first step towards paperless accounting is to switch to cloud accounting services such as QuickBooks hosting. With QuickBooks on the cloud, your entire data will be on the cloud, saved safely in a remote server in a secure, top-of-the-line data center several hundred miles away.

This allows for multi-user collaboration and an anytime, anywhere access, which means your staff can work from their home and will have to visit the office only once in a while. With cloud accounting, you won’t need to provide for a separate dedicated workstation for members of your team and it completely eliminates the need to use paper as well.

#2: Use an App for Receipt Management — To completely eliminate paper from your accounting processes, first get together the little bills and other things you have lying around in a box. Instead of handing it over to the bookkeeper, make electronic copies of each of the invoices by using a special app for receipt management. Take photos of the invoices with your smartphone camera and save them on the app. Your bills and other important documents will now be in the electronic form, which eliminates paper entirely. This is a great way to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with traditional accounting systems.

With cloud accounting, you can streamline the process of entering the receipts directly into the accounting system from the app. This would simplify a lot of things for you. There are a couple of apps for receipt management that we like, which are compatible with QuickBooks hosting — Receipt Bank and Hubdoc.

Both apps allow you to take snapshots of your paper bills and receipts and save the receipts into the app. This can then be pushed into the cloud accounting system with the click of a button. This really saves a lot of time and is the most efficient way to create a paperless office.

#3: Tell your vendors to email the bills — The reason you have so many paper bills lying around in the first place is that most of your vendors send you their bills by snail mail. There is no reason for paper mails to be sent out in this day and age. Ask your vendors or utility companies to send all bills by email. This would solve a lot of inefficiencies and finally give you the paperless environment that you are striving for. Pay all bills electronically, by credit card or by PayPal.

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