Nov 5 — Attending the KW Improv Incubator Student Showcase

Browsing Facebook one day, I saw an ad pop-up suggesting that I attend the KW Improv Incubator Student Showcase. Feeling the drain of working alone from home, I was looking for something to energize me, and I thought that this would be a swell way to spend a Monday evening.

I got to the KW Little-Theatre just in the nick of time, and grabbed the last available seat. The lights went dark, the performers came on stage, music started playing, and boy were the hosts the biggest goofs I’d seen all decade.

Little did I know about how awkward I…

This past labour day weekend, Evan and I had the pleasure of taking Bailey to an event called Goldstock. You may have already hesitantly guessed what this could be — yes, it’s Woodstock for golden retrievers!

No joke, we packed up our car and drove for eight hours until we reached a boys & girls camp in rural Pennsylvania. Here, 300 golden retrievers were congregating for their annual gathering. We thought we’d travelled far, but one of the other couples in our cabin came from Montana.

And so, for the duration of Labour Day — Friday eve to midday Monday…

Julia Chernushevich

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