Brazil - The Soccer Country It Shouldn`t Be

It is unfortunate that until today Brazil is still seen only as a soccer, carnival and samba country. Brazil deserves more respect. Even worse is that it isn`t seen with certain ignorance only by foreigners, but by the Brazilians too and it makes me very sad. Instead, they should give an example of pride and acknowledge the greatness of our country.

Brazil has rich and diverse culture and history, which are widely under appreciated. Sometimes I imagine what would be if Brazil was a European country, in terms of historical recognition. I would love to see Brazil recognized for things that really matter, not only by foreigners but by my compatriots as well.

I`m not saying that soccer, carnival and samba are not part of our cultural heritage, but there are so many other unique things about Brazil. For example, the food, the nature, the traditions, the art and so much more.

But, Brazil is not the only one. Many African countries also have rich and interesting history and culture, but people only see and talk about their economical problems. I guess, it is our cultural background that prevents us from appreciating the good and focus only on the bad. We are also taught to pay more attention to basic entertainment than to education and culture.

Brazil has many beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of little known beaches, that worth visiting. A famous place is Christ Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro. There are also many parks, squares and malls all over Brazil.

Besides the nature, another extraordinary thing about Brazil is its variety of food. There are many native, typical fruits. For example, the açaí is small purple fruit, from which a delicious cream is made. It is very popular dessert among Brazilians. Another typical food is feijoada, which is made from black beans and dried, salty pork meat.

My point is – there is no “ideal” country. Brazil, as well as any other country in the world, has its good and bad sides. However, it would be better to always try to find the best in each country you visit. It would please the locals and make your experience more memorable.

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