Why Sustainability in Hospitality is Crucial

When talking about sustainability in hospitality, it’s promising to see more hospitality industry leaders becoming involved. TFG Asset Management is one of many hotel consultancies that practice methodology that keeps the environment (and keeping costs low) in mind. Going Green is more than simply a slogan. It’s a way of life.

Understanding Hospitality Sustainability

Here are several things you should seriously consider in regards to sustainability in the hospitality industry.

1. Energy-Prices— One of the biggest reasons hospitality sustainability is important is that energy prices are on the rise. By paying attention to efficiency, for example, allows to consume less energy, keeping expenses down and profits up. Other methods are being used to keep the cost of energy low as prices for it rise with more demand. Energy prices are only likely to rise in the future, which means this is a crucial matter to think of now.

2. Entire Staff — Getting the entire hotel staff involved when it comes to sustainability is the only way it’s going to work effectively. Once the team knows that the management staff believes in green-thinking, they are more likely to pay attention to the small details that make a difference — like leaving a sink running continuously while cleaning.

3. Incentives — One way to make sustainability efforts more accepted is to offer incentives to employees for coming up with ways that can contribute to a lowering of the carbon footprint or waste production of a hotel. Even something as small as turning out lights in unused rooms can result in big savings at the end of the year.

4. Next Generation — While saving money on energy consumption is nice, sustainability is an advantage, sustainability is also important for future generations. When specialists in the hospitality industry think about the environment and renewable energy, it’s easier to create large-scale changes that will affect a lot of people for years to come.

5. Water — In addition to energy usage, water usage is another matter to consider. Hotels consume large quantities of water on a daily basis, both for the needs of guests and for operational purposes like washing linen. For many hotels, smarter water usage can result in strengthening the bottom line and improving profits.

6. Green Marketing — One of the beneficial side-effects of going green is the ability to use the fact in your marketing efforts. These days, many consumers want to choose the most environmentally friendly option available. If you’re running a Green Hotel, you’re going to be able to market directly to them and keep your occupancy rates high.

The Hospitality Sustainability Experts

When it comes to sustainability in the hospitality industry, one hotel consultancy firm comes to mind readily — TFG Asset Management. They have published a free Whitepaper explaining the advantages of sustainability in the hotel and hospitality industry. Additionally, they have worked with many hotel owners around the world in coming up with ways to save the environment and money at the same time. In regards of green Hospitality, they are held in high esteem.