The Best Thing About Life

Learn, don’t stop

It’s Monday night of the holiday weekend in Canada. The city where I live, Toronto, was quiet today. It’s always weird when the city is quiet. It feels like a ghost town, but in a slow way, the way I like. It’s still ‘it’, but less. And I kinda like less lately. I’ve needed less.

My body is sore in a good way. I worked it. I cycled and then took a high energy dance class. I moved. I pushed. I expressed.

Sitting here, in the feeling of my body being worked, I’m reminded why life is awesome.

Life is the best because if you’re still here, you can be learning.

Learning is, without a doubt, the best thing about life

I can’t think of anything better than learning. Learning means growing, growing means changing, and changing means better. For me it does, anyways. Changing and learning as I have in these past three years has been for the better. Even when its been hard, sad, or depressing because of what I’ve faced about myself.

It has still been THE BEST.

Yes there are great things about life that you might not think about learning, but they are.


I can love better by learning more about me, you, relationships, friendships, communication, compassion, empathy — you name it.


I am humbled by what I don’t know every time I take a new class. Each time I ask my body to do something it hasn’t done before. I’m learning. I’m making new pathways in my brain. I’m.literally.different.after.


I’m here again (hi). I’m putting words to (electronic) paper. I’m trying new things. This is a shorter and a more off-the-cuff article than I’m used to writing. But gosh darn, I’m learning by doing it.

I am different today than yesterday.

I’m better.

And that’s brilliant.