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overcoming rumination & depression 101

What is depression? It’s a a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. Rumination and repetitive thoughts play a bigger role to your depression than you think. Keep reading to find out how.

Before you get started, keep in mind these words to fully understand this subject.

Depressive rumination: behavior and thoughts that focus one’s attention on one’s depressive symptoms and on the implications of these symptoms.

Rumination: a deep or considered thought about something, to go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly. obsessing over something.

Depression 101

Better things are yet to come. Better things are yet to come. Better things are yet to come. Say this until you believe it. Depression is a blood sucker. It disintegrates people. I’m not an expert to talk about this but I at least know how it feels and how I fight it that was effective for me. I fought it for years and years until I said no more, time for you to go. A lot of people don’t really understand it and bash other people for it. Which just does not make the matter better….. Depression sends people off to commit suicide and make other permanent solutions to a temporary problem. Choosing your words carefully will help to save lives. For people that never struggled with it and you know someone that does, instead of lecturing them just tell them everything is going to be okay and hold on. I think that depression happens when you experience a traumatic situation, have repetitive thoughts and constant rumination on things.

I first tasted depression when I was eight because I was taken away from my parents. Which is pretty traumatic for a kid that young. I was always isolating myself from people and I didn’t do things that I enjoyed because I’d rather be thinking “through” a.k.a ruminating my life. I see it as running on a hamster wheel and never getting off. When you’re depressed, you don’t think clearly. Everything except that thing you’re constantly thinking about becomes unimportant and you usually just don’t care about anything else. There is a way out however. And it’s not necessary to use medicine. It’s all in our minds and it’s just trying to trick us. Don’t you ever let depression control you. You have hope. And it’s easier to overcome it than you think but it’s a process. All you have to do is try and decide to change your thoughts. Yes there is a medical term for it but I however do not think that you should live your life as if it’s something you can’t control. In my opinion you can. Your thoughts ignite depression. And you can’t start playing a blame game because you control your thoughts.

“Multiple studies have identified that people who are experiencing depression are more prone to rumination and repetitive thoughts of shame, anger, regret, and sorrow.” -

101 Steps To Fight It

You first have to realize what it is that you’re ruminating about. There is always a root to depressive thoughts. If you want to overcome it, you have to learn how to let go of things. Just to decide that whatever happened, happened, and just drop it. You no longer have to think about it because you can’t change the past. Instead try thinking about the future. How you can improve and do things better. Second, you have to change your thoughts from negativity to positivity. Our thoughts are 90% repetitive from yesterday. This website goes in deeper explaining the connection between repetitive thoughts, rumination and depression. So check it out if you want to understand it at a deeper level.

Third, reach out to others. Don’t silence yourself. Voice your struggles and your thoughts. There is nothing wrong with talking about how you feel and seeking comfort. Talk it through, don’t just think it through. People that are depressed need to be around other people. You can’t just change over night but it’s a process. Learn and get comfortable how to communicate and express your feelings. If you think that you can’t find anyone that understands, then contact me. I have been through the same thing and I’m willing to help you and listen for however long you need me too.

The last but not least, just hold on. Everything will eventually pass and you will again feel alive. Something that did help me was pray every time I started to either overthink or start dwelling about things that need to be let go off. One thing I guarantee you, if you just change your thoughts from negative to positive and ask for God’s strength, your depression will clear away. Slowly but surely.You can overcome this. You’re an important person and you’re very needed by the people around you. Even if you don’t see it or feel it, there is always someone that gets impacted by you.

Things you remember:

  1. If you have a friend with depression then just be there for them, that’s all they need.
  2. LET GO! Just let the past go. It’s probably tired of being thought about so much and begging you to drop it.
  3. Pray through it.
  4. Change your thoughts. 90% of our thoughts are repetitive. So if you were depressed yesterday then there is a high chance you will be again if you don’t fight it.
  5. Give it to God. He will exchange it for much better things.
  6. Reach out and express yourself. Don’t be scared to “talk through” it instead of just “thinking through” it by yourself.

You made it! Thank you for letting me share my view with YOU about depression. I hope it helps.

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— — — Don’t forget your creator who’s waiting on YOU.

— — — — — Be real. Be rare.

Julia Brooker