Is Trump Initiating the Next World War?

Julia Richards
Sep 20 · 2 min read

Trump has advanced to change the culture of American political system.

The previous Presidents were bold as well but never reflected the similar extent of boldness as reflected by Trump in the foreign policy.

Are you aware of the groups made by states in the previous World Wars?

Well, this will not be the case this time.

Everything looks apparent.

Nevertheless, the scenario is complex behind the handshakes.

China, Russia, Afghanistan and Middle East!

They will lead to something worse and Trump will remain the major stakeholder.

Trade Wars with China

Nowadays, trade wars with China have assumed a critical role.

Trump is committed to giving nothing to China.

Without getting into complex details, let me present you the real picture.

China is advancing to strengthen its position among the Asian states.

CPEC is one of the leading initiatives.

What’s behind the scene?

It is Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Iran.

All these states are linked with the manifestations of China.

The United Stated, on the other hand, is concerned about the vigorous economic growth of China.

Yes, China can look into the eyes of the United States.

The Soviet Union

Whether it be trade or global influence, Russia is by no means behind.

Putin has several times expressed animosity against Trump.

In essence, it may lead to something detrimental for the whole world.

Both states have different ally states.

Carefully read the following lines:

Afghanistan is still in the picture.

You must have heard about the Talibans.

They are gradually dominating their position in Afghanistan.

The news says it otherwise.

Doesn’t it?

Don’t get fooled by media as they will continue to work as the servants for the big guns.

Trump has failed to formulate a potential foreign policy.

To hide these failures, war is the best option for him.

It sounds very simple that the war will begin.

The War Will Spare None

You’ve heard it!

Each region and the respective states are interlinked with the interests of one another.

If the war breaks out, they all will be required to jump in.

North Korea!

It loves to work as the lone wolf.

However, it is also changing its position and advancing to make allies.

The international bodies as the United Nations have become nothing more than the platform for discrimination and favoritism.

The European Union is unsure about its own fate.

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are looting every other states with both hands.

How on earth will these organizations prevent the occurrence of the war?

Who will be the savior then?

For an inexperienced student, a professional writer having strong expertise in writing war essays will steps up as the savior.

In global politics, there is none.

Each state is on its own.

The United States is itself confused to address domestic issues with a potential policy.

It will remain challenging for Trump throughout his tenure to maintain a balanced foreign policy.

Hostility is the only option left behind.

All the boats have been burned!

Embrace the impact of the radical attitude of Trump vested in the next World War.

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