Vacationing on Facebook

Since today starts my winter break, I figured why not search vacations on Facebook to see just what others are doing for their breaks.

But the thing was not much showed up in relation to where I am.

I guess it wasn’t the best topic to choose from, however I did see other thing when I scrolled down like…

I search people all the time, it is probably human nature by now in 2016 to search people you like, or don’t like, or completely hate online to see what they are doing and how your life is better than theirs, its called Facebook stalking. (however I would like to point out there is a difference between innocent Facebook stalking, like when you like a new guy or girl and you look them up to make sure they aren’t a creep or when you are searching for this annoying person you do not like to feel better about yourself and creepy Facebook stalking which can get dangerous and illegal) I think searching something on Facebook can help, but journalists shouldn’t rely on it or take it too seriously. Facebook should be where someone starts off when they are looking for someone or some place, but it looking into other places is just as good.

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