3 Amazing Benefits of Adding a Swimming Pool to an Apartment Community

Joseph Harris
Jan 29, 2018 · 2 min read

Landlords who offer a swimming pool as an amenity to their tenants have a responsibility to keep it clean. There are a number of benefits to having a clean pool available for tenant use and landlords can take advantage of them as long as the follow a schedule for Pool Maintenance Lakeland professionals recommend. Pools need regular maintenance. Without it, tenants could get sick and prospective tenants will choose a different community to spend their money.

Increased Tenant Satisfaction

Tenants who are happy where they live are more likely to stay there as long as possible. People who live where swimming pool cleaning services Lakeland professionals provide is a priority have a place to go to relax by the water whenever they like. Tenants tend to congregate in pool areas where they can get to know their neighbors. A well-maintained swimming pool can create a sense of community.

Higher Rent Prices

A rental community with a clean pool typically costs more. This is one amenity people are more than happy to pay more to have access to when they need it. In order for landlords to charge a premium, they have to hire a company to provide swimming pool cleaning Lakeland home and business owners trust. When a property owner’s livelihood is at stake, the expense of a professional pool cleaner is negligible. Property owners should look for the most qualified pool professionals, not the cheapest, to ensure they do a good job and justify the higher rent charges.

Healthier Tenants

Healthy people take fewer days off of work and don’t have a problem paying their rent on the first of the month. By providing a clean and sanitary pool to the tenants, landlords can ensure that if the tenants get sick, it won’t be their fault. This also helps the property owner avoid paying medical claims to tenants who got sick as a result of bacteria in the community swimming pool.

Most apartments for rent are very similar. The differences lie in the amenities the community offers. When a swimming pool is the main attraction, property owners have to take special care to ensure the pool is clean and the Ph levels are safe. By hiring a professional to handle Pool Cleaning Lakeland property owners can be certain their tenants won’t have any complaints about the quality of the pool. Ideally, tenants will use the pool regularly, invite their family members to swim and hang out with other residents around the pool.

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