Review is an online database of academic papers and essay samples for students. This website allows students to get access to free essays, reviews, lab reports, application letters, term papers, course notes, research papers and other materials that may come in handy for those who have a lack of ideas or inspiration. In a word, it is a huge resource of assignments of all academic levels and disciplines.

How does it work?

There are three options for you to get use of StudentShare. First, you can become a free user with an opportunity to download three papers a day for free. Second, you can become a contributor and get free access to the unlimited number of papers available on the website. Thus, if you have a well-written essay to share it with other students, you can just upload it from your device and download as many papers as you may need in turn. Third, you can pay for a premium account and enjoy free access to unlimited number of essays and papers.

Website policy urges you to use the documents as educational tools and helpful samples to create your own work. And right they are. We do not recommend you to submit these papers directly to your professor because StudentShare cannot guarantee that the other students are not using the same papers.

Is it worth using?

Yes, it surely is. If your essay topic is not very specific, you can choose a similar one from the list, make a rewrite and enjoy a nice and high-quality paper composed without any extra efforts. It is also a good way to save your time because downloaded samples can be used as sources and you don’t have to spend hours searching for books and articles online. The good thing is that you can try this service absolutely for free and check whether it is helpful enough individually for you.