This unusual tactic transforms wallowing into a powerful mental health exercise

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Given frustrations, anxieties, and fears coming up during Covid-19, you may have been searching for coping methods that don’t include TV bingeing or reaching for another glass of wine. One you may not be familiar with is “existential kink,” a term coined by author and expert Carolyn Elliott, PhD. Based on concepts like Freud’s pleasure principle and Jung’s shadow, existential kink (EK) allows us to process difficult or “don’t like” emotions by consciously enjoying them.

What does that look like? Let’s take the example of sadness. With EK, you would open the floodgates and really let the emotion expand, taking…

Is your head spinning? Grab a pen.

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It’s probably safe to say that, at some point this week, you felt overwhelmed.

One of the biggest issues with overwhelm is that it can be completely paralyzing. How can you figure out what to do or think with so many emotions, sensations, and thoughts competing for your attention?

As a therapist living and working in New York, I’ve been hearing this complaint from clients a lot — and I’ve been experiencing it myself, too. To that end, I’ve created a five-minute trick you can use to break down your mindset and make a clear path forward. This exercise is…

Julia Bartz, LMSW

Therapist at Mindful Psychotherapy. Author of My Pleasure: The New Psychology of Sex, Dating, and Self-Care.

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