6 DIY Ways to Accessorize Your Boots!

Gone are the days when sandals, heels and flats got all the attention of people. Boots are the favorites of many during fall. If you wish to upgrade from the style that you flaunted last year, here are some savvy ways that can help switch things up and take your boots to a new level.

1. Boot scarf

This is something you can try anytime. It would not be hard for you to locate a loose button, a safety pin and a scrap fabric. Find a button that has an eye on the back. Cut a piece of fabric after measuring the ankle of your boot. Cut additional four inches. Fold the fabric all the way around the ankle of your boot. Cross the end one over another and hold the button to the crossover of the fabric. Insert a safety pin through the eye of the button and also through the fabric. This would provide your equestrian boots a new look.

2. Nasty gal inspired cut out boots

Try these boots if you cannot get enough of the Nasty Gal styles. Try to create a pattern on a pair of combat boots. Use an X-acto knife for cutting the diamond patterns created on the boot for a laser-cut, edgy look.

3. Hoodie boots

Making hoodie boots is quite simple. All you need is a sewing kit, a pair of flats, hot glue gun and a hoodie. Cut the sleeves of your hoodie. You can use the upper part of the bottom cover for your shoes. Measure the height you want for preparing your flats. Try inserting the flat into the sleeve. Pull it on for checking whether the boots fit perfectly or not. Pin the sleeve and trim the excess fabric. Sew along the pins and leave the bottom open so that whatever is left from fabric can be glued to the body of the flat with a glue gun. Let your boots dry for flaunting super comfy boots.

4. Cutoff cowboy boots

You can rock cowboy boots like a champ. It will be fun if you add an urban edge to your cowboy booties. These are super to wear in fall and quite easy to make. Fold the part of leather boots inside out and then fold it over so that the top touches the heel. Squeeze the edges of the shaft while chalking the top edge. Cut along the chalked line with leather shears. Remove the shaft. Try the boot for ensuring that it slips easily. Take the shaft and turn it right side. Put glue between the boot and top of the shaft. Press the shaft as well as the boot together. Put clips along the edge of the boot after a couple of minutes and let it dry.

5. Belted cowboy boots

You can make belted cowboy boots for having a boho-style. You can layer belts for imparting color to these boots. This will offer your boots an eclectic feel.

6. Glitter ankle boots

Glitter-filled DIY boots can rev up a pair of your old boots and make them runway-worthy. Get some glitter glue for crafting DIY shoes of all time.


You can rev up your old boots by following some simple DIY ideas. Why flaunting the same old boots every year? Follow these simple tips for revving up the glam quotient.

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