6 Things To Consider For Sneaker Customization

Sneakers are among the most used shoes for sports and daily usage. If you are a person who enjoys crafting items and is also a sneakers enthusiast, read on the following things to learn how to customize your own boots.

1. Materials

The main item you need is an existing pair of sneakers on which you will work. Since they are made of leather, the recommended paint to be used is Angelus. In addition to this, you might want to erase it with acetone and then decorate it using either cotton balls or paintbrushes or an airbrush. The colors that you use can be mixed in a glass, but not made of plastic. For clear lines you need a masking tape.Then you need a matte finisher and a x-acto knife for the parts that need cutting. To dry it faster. You can use a hair dryer but it’s not mandatory. Don’t forget to use rubber gloves during the entire process.

2. Preparation

Before starting to paint your shoes, you need to prepare them. You don’t want the paint to crack or peel over time, therefore make sure to remove any factory coating. Following this procedure will allow the paint to blend in faster and stronger. First, don’t forget the rubber gloves during the entire procedure. Second, put acetone on the cotton balls and rub off the coating from the shoes. To ensure that everything is done properly, this process needs to take around 30 minutes, during which you will use many cotton balls.

3. Masking

Take the masking tape and cover any parts that won’t be painted during the process. To get clear lines, use the x-acto knife for edges or for any clear models that you want to customize. Remember that you can create unique designs using the masking tape, so don’t feel afraid to get creative.

4. Mixing

Once you are sure that the shoes are prepared, start mixing. Use the glass provided to mix the colors inside. We know that the color tubes may not have the right shade you want, therefore feel free to create the right nuance that you enjoy.

5. Paint

This is the most important step of the entire process. Make sure that you are located in a bright and lighted place, since you will need to see all the details. What we recommend is applying one layer at a time, allowing time for it to dry. If you want to help them dry faster, feel free to use the hair dryer.

6. Details

It is recommended to have liner paintbrushes for details and soft lines. During the details, proper adjustment is needed since small details can have a big visual impact. After drying the customs, you can also apply a matte finisher.

When you get in the mood of getting creative, you can play around and even customize your own boots; thus giving them a unique and personal look simply by following these six easy steps.

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