Herbal Remedy For Epididymitis

In the clinic treatment of epididymitis, traditional Chinese medicine has its own characteristics and advantages compared with western medicine. Unlike western medicine, TCM practitioners usually use natural and non-surgical methods to cope with health conditions. The use of natural herbs bring no side effect in the treatment while antibiotics, hormonal medicine and other non-biological agents can bring side effects such as extra damage of the physiological function of a particular organ, drug resistance and so on. Therefore, it’s a great choice to use herbal remedy for epididymitis.

In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, epididymitis is caused by downward flow of damp-heat. The clinic symptoms include swelling and pain in the affected side of epididymis or testicle, red and swelling of scrotum, pain in the lower abdominal region, obvious local tenderness, along with fever and aversion to cold. The treatment of this kind of patients should focus on clearing away heat and promoting diuresis, eliminating dampness and detoxifying. Qi stagnation and phlegm stasis can also cause epididymitis. Qi stagnation and phlegm stasis is caused by stagnation of liver qi. So the treatment of this kind of epididymitis should focus on reliving stagnated liver to regulate qi-flowing and eliminating phlegm.

Herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains herbs like cordate houttuynia, semen plantaginis, talc, Chinese angelica, peach kernel, radix paeoniae rubra which have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, activating spleen and eliminating dampness, promoting blood circulation, reliving stagnated liver to regulate qi-flowing and so on. These herbs are the main ingredients of this Chinese patent medicine. That’s why Diuretic and Anti-inflammation Pill has prominent effect for the treatment of epididymitis.

During the treatment, males should have bed rest for three or fours days and elevate the scrotum, apple cold compress to relieve the pain. It’s important to finish the course of the medicine to make sure the infection has been cleared fully even if the symptoms disappear during the treatment duration.

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