Cocky People

I have been working on self help and personal growth since I was 16. Over more than a decade. I went through many phases of changes and some extreme metamorphosis. While I am no expert, and considering life is complex and is multifaceted, I came to this extreme simplification about success. Almost every unsuccessful people, even myself during phases, suffer from this trait: cockiness.

What is unsuccessful? It is pretty easy to tell. Look in the mirror. Are you fit? Healthy? Look at your friends. Do you have a nurturing, successful group? What about your finances? Do you have huge debts? Now, I don’t mean that someone has to have everything to be considered successful. I also don’t mean that being cocky means that people are loud, rude, and pompous. There are “nice” cocky people. People who are polite, yet feel that they do not need help, or that they are experts in areas they do not specialize in, and do not need to continue to learn. They are opinion based and closed minded. They can do it all on their own. They know better. They have experiences beyond others and books written in the topic that they are struggling with. They don’t even educate themselves in a regular basis, but their opinions are all that matters, and they have to be right. Therefore, they are stuck in the treadmill of their same problems, going at it over and over in the same pattern.

The best people I have met are people who excel in their personal life and finances as well. They have a great life in health, wealth, and fulfillment. These people are open minded, continuous learners, and are humble and giving. They also know to receive.

Every time I get stuck with a problem, I think whether I am unintentionally being cocky. When I think back to my worst times, and the worst people I have known, it always comes down to fragile ego. The ego hates change. Having the same problem over and over, yet continuing with that same habit, living with the same problems. Pretending that they are not problems. Making whatever excuse to stay in the same old patterns. Did you really think that you can outsmart convention and achieve the outcome? Did you think that the reason why your life seems better than someone else is because you are somehow smarter? You don’t credit your life advantages? These comparisons and entitlements are also cockiness. Comparison in its own is a sign of an unsuccessful state.

So how to stop being cocky? Clear judgment. Read often in topics in areas of life where you need improvement. Most people have health issues. Seek out the right help. Never stop learning and LEVERAGING. Have multiple mentors. If you don’t have a mentor at any point, that is a sign of cockiness. Finally, be grateful. Make sure you give thanks genuinely.