Boardgame Lab: King of Tokyo

Game played: King of Tokyo


In our gameplay, Yi is the Cyber Bunny, QiQi is the Alienoid, Thanh is the Kraken, Warren is the Meka Dragon, Alfredo is the Giga Zaur, and Julia is The King. To win the game, a monster must obtain 20 victory points.

Setup: Place the King of Tokyo board in the middle of the table. Each player selects a monster. Victory points initialize at 0, and health points initialize at 10. 3 power cards are dealt face up in the center of the table; such cards have specific capabilities as written on the card and can be purchased with energy cubes at the end of one’s turn. Each player will roll all 6 dice. The player who rolls the most claws in the set of dice will start.

Turn 1

Warren rolls 3 claws, the largest number of claws, and so, he starts the game. The Dice Rolling mechanic is used throughout the game. In Warren’s turn, he rolls 3 energies in the set of 6 dice. Therefore, Warren receives 3 energy cubes.

Turn 2

Alfredo rolls a claw and 3 energies in the set of 6 dice. Alfredo receives 3 energy cubes. Since monsters receive 1 victory point upon entering Tokyo City or Tokyo Bay, Alfredo chooses to enter. He is the first monster entering the board, so he must enter at Tokyo City. Monsters may receive 2 victory points for each round they stay in Tokyo City or Tokyo Bay. The Press Your Luck mechanic is applied, as Alfredo can be attacked by other monsters and lose health points before he is able to obtain the 2 victory points at the end of the round. He, however, has the option to leave Tokyo City upon being attacked, but must still lose the number of health points corresponding to the number of claws rolled by monsters outside of the board.

Turn 3

Julia rolls 3 energies, so she receives 3 energy cubes.

Turn 4

Yi rolls 1 energy and a triplet of 2’s. She receives 1 energy cube. A monster that rolls a triplet of 1’s, 2’s, or 3’s will receive the corresponding number of victory points. Therefore, Yi has 2 victory points.

Turn 5

QiQi rolls 1 claw and a triplet of 1’s. She receives 1 victory point. Since QiQi rolled a claw, she has the option of attacking Alfredo, who is in Tokyo City, or dominating Tokyo Bay. Only one monster is allowed to dominate Tokyo City at a time; however, 1–4 monsters can dominate Tokyo Bay at a time. QiQi decides to dominate Tokyo Bay and thus, she receives another victory point. QiQi now has a total of 2 victory points.

Turn 6

Thanh rolls a combination of numbers and hearts. He did not roll any triplets, and already has the full amount of health points. Thanh, therefore, still has 0 victory points.

Turn 7

Warren rolls 3 energies, so he receives three energy cubes. He buys the shrink ray power card with all his energy cubes. A new power card, a Suffer No Damage card priced for 5 energy cubes, is brought face up to the table.

Turn 8

Alfredo collects 2 victory points from staying in Tokyo City for the full round. He rolls a combination of numbers and hearts. He, however, cannot collect any health points since monsters in Tokyo City or Tokyo Bay are not allowed to collect health points.

Turn 9

Julia rolls a triplet of 2’s, a claw, and two energies. She has full health points, so she cannot collect any more. Julia does, however, receive two energy cubes. She decides to attack the Tokyo board, so QiQi and Alfredo lose a health point. Alfredo decides to leave Tokyo City, so Julia proceeds to dominate Tokyo City. Thus, the Player Elimination tactic was exercised. Julia now has a total of 3 victory points. Julia buys the Suffer No Damage power card. Since it is a card to be kept, she does not lose any health points each time she decides to leave Tokyo City upon being attacked.

King of Tokyo allows players to explore various tactics and options as well as a variety of mechanics, including Area Control/Area Influence, Card Drafting, Dice Rolling, Player Elimination, and Press Your Luck.

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