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Recovering perfectionist, INFJ, empath, psychonaut, mental health advocate, forever student.

Tan me, somewhere in Greece.

Dear readers,

Welcome to my little precious corner on the internet. It’s a pleasure and honor to have you here.

Some random facts about me:

  • I’m half American, half German. More specifically US-born and European-raised. While I consider myself to be more European, I love the States and keep coming…

PMDD almost took my life — now I have it back

Picture by Elia Pelligrini on Unsplash

I once attempted to describe to a friend what my struggle with Pre-Menstrual Dysmorphic Disorder (PMDD) felt like. I went something like this:

Imagine that, in your regular waking and content state, the walls of your inner world are crisp and bright. Then, once a month, you have a visitor…

#1: Don’t write listicles

Maria Popova photographed by The New York Times

Maria Popova’s story reads like a perfect blogging fairytale: In 2006, she started with a weekly newsletter to seven friends. By 2014, she’d racked up 7-million monthly readers with her online publication then called “Brain Pickings” which she described as “an inventory of the meaningful life”.

Brain Pickings has since…

My whole life I was trying to be normal. Now I’m striving for the opposite.

Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash

I was a bit of a weird child. I preferred to spend my days alone in my room writing poems and making up with families of fantasy creatures. My family tells me I was not only imaginative but also highly sensitive.

Fast forward two decades, and I’m sitting in a…

Julia Blum

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