LiKee Fitness Tracker Pedometer Tracker

Likee is one of the best fitness tracker and most gorgeous pedometer tracker, health sleep monitor wristband that is easy to wear and use. The color of this tracker is deep navy blue which attracts everyone and it looks good on wrist as a band. This tracker helps you to keep fit by providing proper information about your physical condition.. It will track your activities level including amount of steps, mileage, heart rate and records of your calories burned throughout the day. And it can improve your overall wellness of today, tomorrow and also well into your future.

Likee band monitor your sleep that how much and how well you have slept in the night and the condition of sleep also. This tracker also helps you to wake up in the morning using its smart silent alarm. You can activate sleep mode when you go to bed to track the quality of your sleep that nudging you toward a healthier lifestyle.The main helpful work of this fitness tracker is to make you active by reminding about your physical condition and notifications. This tracker will inform you when you get sms or incoming calls and also calendar alerts..

The tracker will display a red move bar after one hour inactivity, then just walk for a couple of minutes to reset it and keep yourself energetic. It has a long life battery life of that stay on for more than 13 days with a single charge and it takes only one hour to recharge battery full. Likee fitness tracker is always on and ready to go with you to keep you physically fit. Visit here