What Are Some Meaningful Metrics for Donor Communications?

Meaningful, effective communication with donors can make or break any nonprofit fundraising program.

But how do you know that your website information, email newsletters, and social media posts are resonating?

You need to examine certain metrics and analyze against sector benchmarks to find out how you are doing — and where there is still room for improvement.

On your website, determine how many of your visitors make a donation. If hardly anyone is giving when they reach your website, thoroughly evaluate your online donation process.

**Is your website optimized for mobile devices, especially the donation page? How many clicks does it take to make a donation? Is the form confusing and convoluted?

**In your email communications, look at your open rate and click through rate to determine your engagement rate — that is, divide the number of clicks by the number of opens.

**For social media, measure your post frequency, follower numbers, and engagement metrics.

“Vanity” metrics such as sheer number of followers is not necessarily an indication of success, but if the number is stagnant, then it’s something to worry about.

As with all data you collect, you need to ask WHY three times.

Here is the full infographic from Classy. Are there other metrics that were left out? How does your nonprofit measure the effectiveness of donor communications?

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