I think your thoughtful critique prevented a lot of that.
Aaron Dignan

Hi Aaron! Nice to meet you on Medium! Your comment is really thoughtful and I could not agree more. One of the problems ist, that people tend to make a “thing” out of an organic process. As soon as a system becomes a product, a thing, a Holacracy, it is already missing the point. This is not how life is working. It is vivid, it is organic, it is messy and it just happens. Every attempt to make it a fixed thing, as much as we would love that, because we want stability to feel safe, makes it actually very vulnerable. Holacracy has good thoughts, very common sense, this is why people connect to it. As you say, everyone will agree immediately. But then Holacracy does the same mistake as the problem (stiff, hierarchic, inflexible organizations), it wants to solve. Fixing it down to a social technology.

I would love to see humanity, wisdom, fun, playfulness and a sense of genuine being and acting coming at work in organizations, that are all embedded organisms. To experience, they are all part of something bigger, contributing something useful and beneficial and acting like that.

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