Tasty Video’s — Explained.

“Snack-sized videos and recipes you’ll want to try”

The Tasty craze has taken over your Facebook wall for just under 2 years. Millennial’s (those born from about 1990–2000) are obsessed with these food videos. The craze started with Tasty under 2 years ago (in July, 2015), a buzzfeed outlet which makes food videos shot just above a pan on a stove showing how to cook things ranging from 3 course dinners to a simple staple item for your dinner table. The videos are normally under a minute. and took young adults by storm as they began to cook. They helped ease these young adults into the idea of cooking.

Featured video found on the Tasty Youtube Channel

Why are tasty videos so popular?

First of all, they are addicting to watch. For those of us who are millennials, we know that your Facebook wall is littered with these everyday. Their Facebook page has over 83.6 million likes, and is clearly geared towards the younger generation with their ever increasing need for speed. These youngsters may not be willing to watch an entire cooking show but these videos will get them hooked for hours. These videos are so wildly popular as they show millennials how to make a dinner quickly. Tasty has become so popular, that it expanded into including “tasty proper” highlighting international food, and a tasty section for easy recipes to do with kids.

What is the point of these videos?

Tasty found a way to engage millennials with cooking and food. Not only do millennials enjoy the videos, it could be encouraging more cooking at home. These videos showcase how easy it can be to cook at home.

How are they made?

Tasty videos are shot by a single camera placed just above the hands of the work station. The entire video will be shot, and then there will be hours of cutting the video to make it both fast paced, and short for the viewer only has to tune in for about a minute or two for them to see the entire dish or meal being made.


Why are they needed?

Millennials are just starting to move out form their parents home or go to college, which means now they have to cook for themselves and can’t rely on their parents cooking anymore. But to most of us, this task seems really challenging. Where to you find the best recipe — especially since theres millions of hits for each Google search I’ve tried.

From what I’ve experienced with my own friends, we don’t want to take the time to search for a recipe, try to figure out if other people liked it, go to the store get all the ingredients, and then cook it. And many of us are now reaching for the takeout menu rather than the cook book.

Tasty revolutionized this process for us. It made a 30 second–1 minute long video which shows a recipe from start to finish and gives the recipe as it goes along. It makes cooking seem easy and quick (even if its not).

Restaurant Dining can be one of the largest triggers for obesity. In a restaurant, the chef is typically worried about the taste of the food, but not the contents of the food. Chefs cook with large amounts of butter and cream to make their food delicious, but not as good for the waste line.

Although Tasty videos can be filled with cheese and buttery goodness, seeing what you are putting into your food can help millennials understand what they are putting in their bodies.

If Tasty videos encourage just one young adults to cook healthier food, then I think they are making a positive impact.

The Importance of Fresh Ingredients

Tasty videos encourage cooking with fresh produce. Their videos typically call for fresh produce and meats. The promote eating with clean fresh vegetables and meats which could be the push needed to kick some unhealthy cooking habits of popping a frozen dinner in the microwave. This promotion of fresh and cleaner eating can be a positive subliminal message. even if its unintentional.

How they’re great for everyone

Have you ever thought what should I make for dinner? Me too. All the time. I never know what to make for dinner, and Tasty capitalized on this uncertainty, and indecisive nature of people.

On their website, you can use their search bar to get suggestions of seemingly easy recipes to satisfy you need. Rather than opting for the take-out menu, adding week night meals makes them seem easier to cook during the week. I know that this has changed my view of cooking and made it seem less daunting since I can see what it will look like when done, I am more willing to want to cook it.

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