Thank you for calling me in your text, I don’t really understand why you called me in, but it’s ok…

I called you unfortunately because an error during my post writing, I didn’t know this publishing platform before, so I didn’t notice that I can’t edit my opinion and fix mistakes.

I can understand that not affected italian cultue, but we can’t change national culture because it’s actually constructed. In my homeland national identity is contructed on strong basis of catholic identity and it would take decades to make it inclusive; moreover, it is actually impossible because change of culture must be connected with the will of its participants. We can only create alternative culture what can be counterweight to mainstream, and only then we can try to get into mainstream - but if we won’t create ‘safe spaces’ it will be impossible for free culture to develop. Because potential creators of this culture will be concerned only on struggle and language wars. But it’s impossible to live only with a struggle. ‘Safe spaces’ are spaces when we have comfort to not fight again with something we confront everyday, and do something constructive together.

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