Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

Sorry for errors, my first language isn’t English so it’s very probable I made much of them.

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I don’t agree with this article. Maybe it’s true in US but it don’t descrbies reality I see in my circles. In fact, there is no border between ‘activists’ and ‘opressed’ because activists are recruted from opressed groups. If they are sometimes more educated it’s just they own work and opportunity.

For example, I often hear that I’m ‘overeducated’ — but in reality, I couldn’t end my education because I was in need to work form my gender change, so I don’t have higher education. At the same time, my cis friends were finishing their doctoral theses. Then, I hear from my critics that I’m too educated to talk for opressed gropus; why, because I read Chomsky and Ellul? My gretest faut is that I actually read, and I don’t fullfill my interlocutor’s image of class version of “noble savage”. One of my best friends is unemployed, she feeds the food thrown out by shops. She also reads philosophers. My roommate and friend is also unemployed and have disability, and formally only basic education, and suffer from being on lowest employment position. She reads philosophers too. Next, some of my comrades from anarchist and queer groups are also quite educated and work as factory workers. Of course, it’s not a rule, but it shows that simplistic division “activists — ordinary people” is inconsistent with reality.

Next, when author uses descriptions like “politically correct mafia on the left”, I would like to ask why she (?) don’t sees simillar phenomenons on the right? Reification of right and left sides of politics, itself is for me a sign of mental infection. To be honest I see just another highly manipulated person.

Then, let’s go to:
“More to the point, the world is not a safe place. It is extremely dangerous, flawed, full of bloodshed and corruption”
Flawed point of view, created by too much of television and Internet. I suggest a few week of deprivation from mass media, to get rid off manipulated by the US and commercial propaganda image of the world.

Actually, ‘safe spaces and trigger warinings’ is changing the world. Maybe a little, but what you suggest? The Big Revolution? Maybe, but without underlying social structures, it will be just another Bolshevik revolution that will restore capitalism — because people will not know how to interact and organise in anarchistic way. Great French Revolution was succesfull because it was based on solid intellectual and social relations foundation, not on romantic raptures and mindless bombings.

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