Reflections on a Fall Morning
Angela Stuesse

Dear Mrs Stuesse,

Your essay touched me to the core. I too am a mother of interracial children, three of them between the ages of 16 and 3, with a fourth child on the way. While we do not live in the US ( we are in Germany), we are actually having the same conversations especially with the rise of right-wing anti-immigrant sentiments in our country and in Europe as a whole. In our case, i am the immigrant from Cameroon while my husband is second generation greek. We are both medical doctors and our kids have all the amenities of upper middle class in Germany. But most times they are, like me, the only colored persons around and may get funny looks or comments from complete strangers. We talk about these things at the dinner table as a family and try to find ways to combat their fears while making them self-aware and helping them grow into intelligent and emphatic adults. It is not easy but it helps to know many other families across the world are going through the same dilemma.

Thank you for your essay,

A Fan from Germany.

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