Tyre pyrolysis plant cost

Tyre pyrolysis plant

When starting a tyre pyrolysis business to make money, you must take the cost into account. Generally speaking, the cost of the tyre pyrolysis plant is determined by several factors. They are the following:

1) Machine cost

About the machine cost, firstly I want to introduce that the 2 types pyrolysis plant we have.

One is btach type pyrolysis plant, the capacity is from 100kg per batch to 10ton per batch.
The other one is fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant, the capacity is from 10T/D to 100T/D.
About the machine cost, it’s different depends on different configurations.

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant

2) Installation cost
In order to save the installation cost for customers, we have developed a new design of the machine to make it into frameset. This way, the machine no need much installation works in customer’s factory.

3) Land & construction cost

Firstly, land cost is mainly decided by the installation size of the machine.
And the tire pyrolysis plant no need much construction cost, only need to build a roof to keep the machine out from wind and rain is ok.

4) Operation cost
About the operation cost of the machine, it’s mainly about the power consumption and worker’s salary.

At present, waste tyre and rubber seriously pollute our environment. How to recycle waste tyres has become the topic. Pyrolysis is the green technology for waste tyres recycling.Tyre pyrolysis plantcan recycle waste tyres into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. This tyre pyrolysis plant is also named as tyre to fuel oil pyrolylsis plant, tyre recycling plant, and tire oil extraction machine.

Tyre pyrolysis plant cost advantage

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant can process waste tire /waste plastic


Production process and testing of our tyre pyrolysis plant

First, our tyre pyrolysis plant uses fully automatic submerged arc welding technology, and all of the welding will be test by ultrasonic to ensure the quality and shape of welding.

Second, all containers (including pyrolysis furnace, oil tank, condenser, etc.) must be test through the air pressure and waste pressure to ensure no gas leakage.

Our tyre pyrolysis plant is equipped with explosion-proof devices, safety valves, emergency valves, pressure gauges and early warning system.

Environment friendly:

Our tyre pyrolysis plant is equipped with environmental devices. Dust and odour are removed by professional dust removal system. Exhaust gas is recycled as fuel for heating reactor, there is free of gas pollution. Each part is sealed very well to avoid gas leakage.

Long service life:

Material: special Q245R plate for boiler, with 16mm thick. Weld joint is test through X-ray. Service life of our pyrolysis reactor is more than 8 years.

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