Understanding the Basics of AV Solutions — Amplifiers and Mixers

Having an in-depth knowledge of amplifiers and mixers can make a great difference when it comes to using and experiencing AV solutions. An environment which has been optimized using AV solutions can be created by using acoustic tools such as amplifiers and mixers. They ensure that the audio, as well as the video are such that they make your audio-video experience more enjoyable.

Built-in speakers prove to be enough when there is an audio-visual presentation that is to be made to a relatively small group. However if both the room and the number of seated individuals happens to be large, then it becomes more than essential to use amplifiers.

There is also a situation where the sound from different sources needs to be combined with the same video source. As a number of audio sources are made use of in the process, using mixers is the best way to combine both the audio as well as the video in a seamless manner.

An amplifier, also known as the amp, is a device which is used for modulating the amplitude of the sound signal which is in the form of current or voltage.

AV solution devices such as electronic amplifiers which are available in the market these days are highly effective in improving the sound signal and making it reach almost every corner of any room. Small speakers are incapable of doing this.

An amplifier has two components which are known as the transfer function and the gain. The former is used for determining the relationship between the input and the output current of the amplifier while the magnitude of the transfer function is known as the gain.

A mixer is an electronic audio video solution which is used for altering the quality and pitch levels of audio signals. It is better known as an audio mixer, mixing console or a soundboard.

Using a mixer is the most convenient way to combine various audio signals and modify the dynamics of the sound.

Most of the top-notch mixers available today can very easily combine analog and digital signals, using them for integrating audio with video to create a consistent AV experience.

The use of AV solutions such as amplifiers and mixers is not just restricted to the ambit of conference rooms and presentations, but can be used for a variety of applications, including broadcasting and film post-production, public address systems, recording studios, sound reinforcement systems, and televisions as well.