With friends like these, who needs conservatives?
Paul Perry

This is excellent. This is exactly right. The people leading the charge for Hillary are comfortable moderates. People who like justice on paper, but aren’t interested in fundamentally questioning the system that produces injustice. The talking points coming out of Hillary apologists of all colors sound more like they’re carrying water for the GOP than defending a “progressive who gets (often very bad) things done” or whatever.

And the people who support Bernie’s ideas…but don’t think they’re realistic so therefore support Hillary? I wonder, have these people ever negotiated in their lives? You don’t start in the center and expect to get that. You’ll get something right of center. That’s what’s been happening for decades. And people say “oh that’s politics.” No it’s not. It’s our politicians. We can change them. I’ve never understood why liberals are so wishy washy because we have such a sensible, reasonable case to make. That’s why I’m so proud of Bernie Sanders, because he’s a liberal on the national stage with a backbone. Now if only his would-be supporters would get some backbone themselves.

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