U Network Analysis: 5 Strong Bullish Signals From UUU

Julia Guu
Julia Guu
Jul 26, 2019 · 5 min read

I have held UUU for over a year, during which I have sold all my tokens and then purchased more. I missed its biggest bull run but now I hold a large quantity of UUU again. I don’t mean to advertise for UUU just because I hold a large quantity of it, however, I feel the need to explain the reasons for me to have such a big portion of my crypto portfolio in UUU.

There are thousands of tokens in the crypto world right now, but based on my analysis, UUU has the biggest potential to become a mainstream token. There are 5 potential advantages and strategies which will help UUU succeed if they are fully realized.

1.USDT Trading Pair

Currently, UUU hasn’t implemented its USDT trading pair in Huobi, which is a potential upside. Based on UUU’s current trading volume, it has fully sufficed the requirements by Huobi to launch USDT trading pair. Once the trading pair is launched, I expect UUU trading volume and price to continue going up.

2.South Korea Market

Based on UUU’s recent updates, it plans to enter the Korean crypto market this week. I have great expectations for UUU’s marketing strategies, especially the Huobi Korea announcement. Why is that so?

If you have been paying attention to UUU, you should know its nickname as ‘Steemit Killer’. During last year’s hype, various influencers have held UUU tokens and followed its progress. UUU was also among the few cryptocurrencies which made top 10 mentions on Twitter list despite being outside of top 50 in terms of market valuation. UUU’s team focused on the overseas market last year. I remember seeing several crypto influencers recommending and buying UUU.

U Network core strategic partner SV Insight also held 3 Blockchain Connect Conferences in Silicon Valley with thousands of participants. Founders of Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin have all been guest speakers at these events. This is an incredible resource in the crypto market.

(U Network Official Website)
Image result for blockchain connect conference
(Vitalik at Blockchain Connect Conference)

This March, when I heard the UUU team mention their plan to rebuild its community in China, I told its community leader that they were wrong to leave the Chinese market in the first place. In June, after merely 2 months, its Chinese community was up and running, and its token price went up more than 10 times. By the time I write this article, its highest price was 32 times of its lowest. I guess U Network team knew what they were doing all along.

In the second half of this year, the penetration of Korean market might once again help UUU reach its historical high, similar to its bull run during 2018’s hype in the western market and the recent hype in the Chinese market. Whether a third surge in UUU price will be achieved entirely depend on the team. The Korean crypto market can compete with the Chinese crypto market. Being listed in either Bithumb or Upbit could potentially make the token price hike, and the Korean crypto players have very strong power.


UUU is currently only listed in 2 major exchanges: Huobi and Bibox. There are many more potential exchanges in its future lineup, such as major exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex, up and coming Chinese exchange MXC and Biki, Korea’s main exchange Upbit and Bithumb. Being listed on any of these exchange could induce a surge of at least 30% to 50% in price.


UUU’s team is smart to introduce the buyback program. Some of the most well-known buyback programs so far include Binance, which is an exchange based platform token. A successful project party buyback program was Pundi X, an blockchain based open payment platform. During the bear market last year, just by using 2000ETH for buyback, Pundi X pushed its market valuation to top 50 globally. Currently, UUU is the only team that uses Pundi X buyback strategy I can find.

Right now, UUU buyback program is only in its second round, which is the perfect chance to buy in. The buyback program is a great way to boost market confidence in UUU. It demonstrates the team’s confidence towards UUU’s token price and showcases the team’s financial strength to investors and the market.

5.U Network Blockchain / Products

Blockchain and Products make the foundation of a crypto project. U Network has various products, including several community-lead products formed before the launch of its mainnet. A project cannot possibly have so many products unless it has an active and stable community. I have tried all the products, and each of them has flaws and room for improvement.

However, in the current crypto market, none of the products is perfect or not many have stable users. All things considered, U Network is much better in implementation as compared to a lot of other blockchain projects which boast about their technologies but have no viable products. Chinese Rating organization has rated UUU (U Network) as B++ and recognized the project’s great potential in implementation and application as a content valuation and publishing platform.

In addition, UUU has not conducted its token swap yet, and its team is working hard on new products. These are obviously two huge potential advantages: when U Network launches its token swap mainnet, and implement its content products on its blockchain in the future, UUU will definitely become a mainstream token. Let us look forward to that day!

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