Learning from Group Work

We just wrapped up our first project working in teams at the GA User Experience Design Immersive in Chicago, and it was an interesting and necessary exploration.

We’ve been practicing such new ways of thinking and expanding our understanding of other people’s behavior — and we’re still working on that, still trying to wrap our brains around it — that to now share the confusion and struggle and mess that’s been going on in our brains with other human beings. . . Well it was confusion and struggle and mess. On some level, I think it was designed that way.

There’s no way to learn this stuff without pushing through the mess.

And pushing through assumptions. One thing we ran into was different definitions with the framework we were given. What is the definition of an insight? How deep does it go? Finding out that we had to create a common vocabulary halfway through the project slowed us down, but definitely clarified how important having a sit-down about working style, definitions, strategic plan was.

It’s the type of things that seem pretty obvious in retrospect, but that’s the beauty of learning. I’m really happy with how we all learned to work together on this project. Many minds pushing to get to the heart of an idea can go deeper and broader than one, and that’s where the meat of the thing seems to lie.