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There is a difference of having a bottom line as opposed to being selfish. We should all have a bottom line to make decisions around our values and not affected by other people’s judgements. On this note, I particular despise those who depend on other peoples judgements to survive. What about your judgements?! You have a brain too, why can’t you perceive based on your own thoughts and senses? When we don’t have a bottom line, we tend to appear “cheaper” or light weight. No body will take us seriously. What you described is having that bottom line which I completely support. Being selfish on the other hand is doing actions out of subjectiveness, failing to empathise and consider other people’s points of view. This could be doing anything. Even the most benevolent actions could end up being selfish. For example, today you decide to volunteer for charity but doing this task you keep on focusing on your own stereotypes of people that need help and selectively help others. This is the accepting mankind as unity and hence falls in the trap of being selfish. The antonym of selfish is unconditional love. Five pennies again, apologise in advance if I sound like I’m preaching again, just friendly discussions…

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