How to learn to say NO

I was talking to a friend today, and she said that an overarching theme in her life at the moment is learning to say no.

Everytime we say yes to someone or something we don’t actually really feel good about, we are saying no to ourselves. Every ““yes” we don’t like is actually a “no” to ourselves. There’s two sides to the coin.

For those who don’t say NO enough

Learn to say yes. Yes to yourself. Focus on what it is that you actually want by drawing the line with your “nuh-uh”. What are you intending to achieve? Where are you intending to go? What are you intending to allow instead of the current situation? What is going on on the other side, to which you want to get? What would this NO enable for you?

Say yes to yourself first. Make all other decisions in alignment with that.

For those who don’t say YES enough

Learn to say no. Draw the line, allow yourself to make space. Maybe you have held on to something that was there for way past its expiration date. You are afraid of the vacuum you might create, or you are afraid that something much worse will fill its place. Don’t stress yourself with getting more of what you want, because you know what you want to say yes to. Focus on letting things go that take up the space that is actually needed to bring in your good.

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