Mercy and Gratitude

The extent of God’s protection is limitless

The long road always brings challenges forth. Driving 14 hours to reach a destination is no mean feat, and through the mercy and protection of God we made it safely.

Driving in mountain ranges is a whole different ball game. After a business meeting we intended to return to our guestroom. We drove from the meeting later than intended because our business partner stopped us, warning us against the heavy traffic.

It was an hour drive and it went through the Cape Town mountains and Hugenoot Tunnel. Just after that tunnel our car overheated and later we discovered the gears did not work. We had sporadic cellphone reception.

As my brother tried phoning, and I plead silently with Jesus to send us help, he got signal on his cell and could reach a towing company.

The towing company got us safely back to our room and even gave us discount.

I am grateful that God guided us out of the tunnel before the engine overheated. God’s mercy knows no limits.