The Search
Sacha Hope

A frantic search ensued. It had to be here somewhere! Tossing brightly coloured scatter cushions aside did not reveal its location. Frustration mounted. Where is it? Circling the coffee table now, like an exited sniffer dog, passing the TV, he only spared a quick glance to see if the much desired object was not lurking somewhere. 
Stalking to the nearest sofa, fingers raked and probed the deep folds of soft fabric. Various items came to surface; chip crumbs, lost earrings, keys and a vast assortment of dust bunnies. Yet the item he sought was gone. Noise from the TV seemed to grow louder and more annoying. He dropped to his knees to inspect the carpet below the sofa, half dreading what undiscovered creature may lurk below.
Circling the coffee table once more, passing the TV, he prepared to strip-search the one remaining sofa. Probing hands and mumbled frustrations yielded nothing once again. Glancing behind the sofa revealed a lost sneaker, wedged firmly between sofa and wall. 
Defeated exasperation set in. Why did it always disappear when the most annoying programs were showing? That infernal remote! Well, there was no choice. He had to wait out the annoying programme. Frustrated he sat down and immediately regretted his actions. Something hard stabbed against his tail bone. Jumping up his hand dug into his back pocket only to find the remote he had been searching for was the culprit. 
“Always comes back to bite you in the ass,” he said dryly.