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Having two three-year-olds is kind of like living with capuchins; or at least I assume it is. There is a lot of noise, constant chatter, leaping off furniture, shrill shrieking, banana peels all over the place, and once in a while a little poop flinging.

But between the hugs and the tantrums, the cuddles and the meltdowns, these littles have taught me a thing or two.

1. No matter how “unbreakable” the claims on the toy or dishware are, everything is breakable. And they can prove it.

2. “Child-proof” just means it might take them a little longer to figure it out. It should instead say, “child-puzzle.” Slap on a label that says it “encourages hand-eye coordination, motor dexterity and reinforces visual-recognition skills” and you’ll have the latest best seller. …


Julia Inserro

Writer, mother, photographer, traveler, expat. Author of “Nonni’s Moon” coming out in June 2018. Check out #NonnisMoon

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