Childfree Is A Legitimate Choice
The Nib

A response to a comment below from Sebastián Henao

“The desire for children is NOT innate”

You may believe that OR believe in natural selection. Not both.

You do not understand “natural selection” . Animals do not have a desire to have children yet they reproduce and are influenced by natural selection. “Desires” are not passed on via “natural selection”. **Desires** are passed on by culture including the culture within a family. Thus, natural selection does not influence “desires” in any significant way.

This belief that “desires” are influenced by natural selection or evolution are based in evolutionary psychology. 99% of evolutionary psychology are “just-so stories”. If you ask actual evolutionary biologists and geneticists about “evolutionary psychology” you’ll find that they tend to think the various things attributed to “evolutionary psychology” cannot realistically be passed on via genes or any mechanism within evolutionary biology.. Thus: History will judge evolutionary psychology as the phrenology of our era

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