Connected and Sylo Application

The connected application is a standalone application that is used in the Sylo protocol to be used in content storage communication and sharing benefits together with the Sylo ecosystem. Connected applications have two context advantages including:

1. Fully indent on Sylo application, download application from store as user, or

2. From inside the Sylo application

Decentralized communication in applications connected to the Sylo application will provide independent decentralized communication to the application connected via the call or message Sylo itself. The connected application will provide specific charging for mandatory communication on the blockchain which is certainly owned by the Sylo application. The connected application will be able to be used on Sylo storage for user communication and access to the profile data that the user has is given for access from the user himself.

A real example of a call or message in a Sylo application is a very independent application. In the advantage of dividing transportation applications it will be easier to access taxi services, rental vehicles, electric bicycles, and public transportation. Calls or messages from sylo will be implemented for taxi drivers and communication after or before passengers travel. The sylo protocol will monitor the decentralization

of the two plugins, which are available, namely Ushare Peers (driver and passenger) to communicate.

The application is connected in the Sylo application which is using the network to be able to utilize the Sylo application. The connected application actually facilitates promotion and speeds up users to conduct business and economic tokens. The connected application will provide benefits related to the functions in the Sylo application and Sylo users will be given the help of the connected application so that the token process is successful, providing new channels for the use of tokens, while being able to expand the maximum use of the Sylo application to Sylo users themselves, and things this can be done gradually on new users using the application on the network.

Sylo application has a function that only uses one location function in the Sylo ecosystem, by using the rental token model to provide new functions for users. For users, the Sylo application will provide experience in using the Sylo application freely with the connected application. Smart contracts provide a distribution of values ​​between connected applications that are used as an aspect of the function in the Sylo application. The specifications in the Sylo application have functions that provide applications that are connected and can be paid through SYLOs, by respecting applications that are connected for business and ability in tokens with the background of the exchange rate of these tokens.

The Sylo application is included in the application connected with two wallet tokens to do tokens related to connected applications. Users can search and download new applications and get incentive tokens from the connected application. Sylo application provides various benefits according to the capacity provided by the Sylo application. The incentives provided by Sylo itself are promotions and encourage users to use other applications in the ecosystem while building various features and integrity to encourage widespread use in other connected applications in the Sylo interface.

From the various contacts contained in the Sylo application, users can connect to any connected application to get what they want through a decentralized ecosystem. A variety of contacts appear that will help users provided by the application connect with embedding relationships with their users. In the Sylo application also makes the value of contacts on messages and notifications give a very good impression on users of central decentralization. So with this, the Sylo application can provide security and convenience to users of the Sylo application to continue to be used in several aspects, such as business, communication between peers and communication with family.

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