January 1, 2018 — looks a lot like December 31, 2017, and another random date — August 15, 20--.

It’s 7 hours into the new year, 2018, and already a few things have happened:

  1. It’s January 2nd in many parts of the world and people are already chatting with me about work. I love work and so this is fun. I even pause my interesting movie for the more interesting dialogues on dreams and empires. I’m sober. I had one glass of wine at about 5pm and that was it. On New Year’s Eve. What’s happening to me????! I did go out for a concert…
  2. An ambulance pulled up at my neighbour’s house at 6am. I used the puppy as an excuse to scramble outside to see what was going on. It’s cold and the ambulance’s engine is running while the two paramedics go in and do their thing. I realize that whenever I see an ambulance or a hearse I’m reminded of my own mortality. A few hours before I went out to the gospel concert, guests were walking into that house — all bundled up with LCBO brown bags tucked in the crook of their arms. As I watched the owner get loaded into the ambulance I thought, bet he never saw that coming…. I waved at him and he smiled back.
  3. It’s 7:30am and I’ve gone down my mission and values statements and realize I still stand by them but this time I’ll truly honor them. I didn’t really before. I always let something get in the way — usually logic. That can get in the way of flow.
  4. All things are not created equal. I live with never ending spiders that enjoy warmth and food and they never pay a cent or add to my quality of life. And yet here they are — living in their version of the land of milk and honey, reproducing and inhabitating all corners of my hard-earned home. And my puppy isn’t interested in them so they roam free unafraid. That’s just a random observation. As I type this, one dangles within eye level as though to test me, or to see what I’m doing. I don’t know.

Happy New Year. Let’s not take life too seriously, no matter our ambitions and obligations.


Photo courtesy of Andrea Gradilone