The Case against Humanity in an IT Workplace or Why They Keep Their (former) Employees a Little Uncomfortable

Probably everyone faced a situation when people disappoint you, at least once in a lifetime. Moreover, people are not the only ones who can hurt. Companies you worked for and truly loved can also do so.

For a year I was working within Bytebrand, doing my best to build a great reputation for a company. Running corporate blog was the part I was enjoying the most. I put my soul into articles I created, and got not such a bad result, I believe. Of course because I’m not a native English speaker, the company hired a copywriter who helped the wording to be more ”American-styled” (copywriter was awesome by the way!).

After a year of cooperation I left the company. Mainly, because they couldn’t provide me a career growth in Sales. But we left friends… At least I thought so. After 2 months from the day I left I noticed that they removed my name as the author of articles, in which I put my best efforts at… Instead they put random managers’ names on these articles, as if they were working hard to create the posts. I was shocked a bit and disappointed a lot at the same time.

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I understand, I left the company. But that happens every day. Still, it’s not a reason to violate my copyright. According to civil law doctrine and international legislation, particularly Article 6bis of the Berne Convention

“even after the transfer of the said [economic] rights, the author shall have the right to claim authorship of the work”.

I didn’t try to claim any benefits or whatsoever, I just didn’t want to be deprived of my moral rights I posses with regards to the work I’ve done.

So I wrote to company’s management about the situation and naturally I asked to be mentioned (back) as an author. Nothing more than that. And what do you think happened next? They told me

“Julia you better stop now, it’s our property and we can do what we want with it”

…and deleted me from (Skype) contact list. And of course did nothing.

I am really frustrated. I know legal mechanisms to make them respect my moral rights and if they continue ignoring me I think I will be forced to use them.

Still the situation itself depresses me a lot. If you were in my position, what options would you consider?