This is my new view and it changes daily. It amazes me to look down and see this ever-growing (and itchy) bump. Most of you know that Peter (my husband) and I (and our families) have prayed for a baby for years ( we "tried" for 8 years), we didn’t think it was possible. The doctors we talked to told us it wasn’t likely.

A couple years ago, I gave it to God completely, and then God gave me a dream. I dreampt that we had a baby and her name was Emma. If you don't know, Emma means "God has answered" and He did.

God answered an 8 year old prayer the first time we asked- actually, God answered before we asked. BUT God didn't answer in the way that we expected ;He didn't follow the "plan" that we decided He was going to. We aren't having a daughter named Emma. We are having a son and his name will be Elijah (My God is Yahweh). I thank God everyday day for answering our prayer in the way that HE wanted and not ours. His plan is so much greater and perfect that mine could ever be.

God answers prayer and does more than we could ever ask. God changes lives and worlds in ways we would never imagine. God works in HIS way and can be trusted with and in everything. Whether you are waiting for Him in a child or a friend or spouse, know that He has already answered and, when it is time, His plan will unfold before you in a beautiful way. Trust Him and be patient in the waiting and the tears and the pain- at the end of your waiting, you will find that He was using you through it all for His purpose and to change the world and lives around you.