Expanding UNR campus into Downtown Reno

The University of Nevada, Reno has a relatively small campus. When comparing the size of the campus to other public university campus’, UNR seems small.

Also, outside of the campus is not very student friendly. Downtown is very close and consists mostly of casinos and bars.

I have heard some ideas of expanding the campus into downtown and even across the street. I think it would be really cool to open food places or coffee shops in the houses across the street from campus on N. Virginia. I think that I may have already heard that UNR bought out those houses to make them into coffee shops and the like so that we have more of a college community outside of campus. I would love that because I feel like all of the coffee shops and food places in the city are spread out so there is no real sense of community.

I would hope that this would draw away the scary people of Reno and allow the students of the University to feel safe about the city. This is also a good idea because if you want to eat close to campus during your school day, there are so little options. Creating these food places and coffee shops would give more options and their locations will increase convenience