I think the problem goes even deeper still, Keith: It’s not that so many Americans don’t know he’s…
Geoff Kieley

Keith and Geoff, I think that there are different ways to lie, and I think that Trump has found the way that cons the most people. It is a hack into human psychology. Goebbels and Putin, I think, use this technique deliberately but I sort of think that Trump has chanced upon it instinctively. The defense probably isn’t to point out the lies (though that is necessary) because most people double down when faced with contrary evidence (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/2010/10/19/when-in-doubt-shout-why-shaking-someones-beliefs-turns-them-into-stronger-advocates/#.WRXk-FPytPs). The way to tackle that doubling down probably is slow and personal, and probably would have to do with showing the doubler-downer a new identity that is more appealing. For example, the identity of “American” might be expanded to include all Americans instead of just employed white Republican men, or the identity of “Christian” might be expanded to include listening to Jesus’ messages of compassion instead of to the more intolerant and group-ish letters and Acts. I have seen that expansion-of-tribe technique work very effectively with teens. In the matter of gay marriage, I’ve seen it work with my 60-something peers. I don’t know if there’s any quicker way of doing it aside from frequent and kindly personal interaction.

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