Leaving GoBridge

Hello Verónica, My name is Julián Guarín and I’m seasoned programmer on Embedded Systems, with C / Python on Linux environments, I also have programmed apps for IOS with Objective-C, and other strange “under represented” stuff, well and the list can go on and on.

I’ve discovered Go recently, and to be honest is not much the attention I gave it to it before, as I thought it was another fancy-everything-is-the-same frontend/backend I don’t care, web development technology.

But for some accidental reason I’ve discovered that Keith Thompson took part in the development…. so it captured my attention. I took your Platzi Course on Go, and I’m hooked.

GO is paradise to me. It feels like C with Python productivity but with the correct use of threads (not like Python’s). I feel excited and happy because this is something that was about to happen any minute, it’s awesome!

I would like to know where Can I found resources to build server applications on the internet, but not HTTP applications. I would like to rather write something opening a TCP port and relying my own application protocol to do stuff, rather than HTTP/S. In fact, I already have customers with projects I would execute in GO.

Thing is that Backend Examples on GO, are HTTP driven rather than TCP port driven. Also I would like to know where can I find documentation about websockets and if those are as good as TCP ports direct connection sockets.

Also I would like you to suggest me a good functional Go app web hosting.

It’s nice to have nice people in a nice community like you!

Saludos y gracias


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