custom formatter in python 3

from string import Formatter
class ExtendedFormatter(Formatter):
>>>myformatter = ExtendedFormatter()
>>>output = myformatter.format("normal:{test}, upcase:{test!u},
lowcase:{test!l}", test="DiDaDoDu")
normal:DiDaDoDu, upcase:DIDADODU, lowcase:didadodu
All default formatting still supported
>>>myformatter.format("UKP {:.1f}", 444.44543)
UKP 444.4

def convert_field(self, value, conversion):
""" Extend conversion symbol
Following additional symbol has been added
* l: convert to string and lowercase
* u: convert to string and uppercase
'u': lambda value: str(value).upper(),
'l': lambda value: str(value).lower(),
return RECOGNIZED_FORMATTERS[conversion](value)
except KeyError:
# Do the default conversion
return super(ExtendedFormatter,self).convert_field(
value, conversion)

A few notes on the Python

def upper(value):
return str(value).upper()




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