Rappi, leading on-demand delivery app in Latin America, unlocked programmatic advertising for full transparency & growth on User Acquisition and Retargeting

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Rappi, which comes from the Spanish word for fast, has indeed seen a very rapid expansion, with their business growing by 20% each month last year.

The mega high growth, consumer tech startup recently announced a record shattering $1B investment from Softbank and is looking to be the everything store of Latin America. They are a marketplace that connects users who want to purchase prepared foods, groceries, clothes, and virtually anything with independent contractors who can fulfill those needs. Pioneers in the Latam region, they are already operating in Colombia, México, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay & Chile.

Now with over 20,000 couriers and 50,000 partnerships with different businesses, the three-year old start up is well armed to continue expanding. …


Julián Rodríguez Hortal

Account Manager at Jampp

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