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Be excited what the koala will look like

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: 50% of startup businesses will fail in the first five years. That’s not so great if you think you have the next can’t-miss idea for a new business. The nice part is, we probably won’t have to wait long to launch our next terrible idea. If we’re lucky, it won’t even take the full five years to fail; 25% fail of new businesses within the first year.

Sounds pretty sobering, doesn’t it? So why are we so convinced that we do not belong to those who will fail?

How it all started

Having grown up with video games, Alphatier Studios seemed like the perfect fit to combine their childhood-dream of producing their own video game with first-hand experience in the gaming industry. After a year and a half of hard work, dedication and tons of goofing around they decided to split from the team and found their own company with Alphatier Studios as their partner.

Having played many mobile games themselves, they never felt quite satisfied with the quality, design or gameplay. Thus they decided it was about time to develop games that exceed all customer expectations, and that’s how Lazy Koala Games was born.

Meet the team

This is the A-Team:

Wolfgang, previously a freelancer for several big IT-companies and the guy that brings us back to earth when no one else listens anymore.

Titus “The Big Man”, who claims that he played for an American college basketball team once but is unable to hit a free throw (he successfully founded and developed over 10 start-ups and has over 15 years of cloud-computing experience. But that’s not what its all about here).

Mischa and Hannah, our tag-team combining Photoshop & Illustrator skills and bringing equal parts creativity and talent to the table.

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Can you guess who is Hannah?

And last but not least Marcel and Julian (and if we’re honest again, do not have any special skills besides the fact that they can cook like 3-star chiefs), but, as Lazy Koala Games Cofounders, pour their hearts and souls into this start-up and work just as hard to inspire the rest of the team.

These brilliant minds came together to develop some of the best mobile games the world has yet to see.

This might sound optimistic, but we have high expectations and are confident in our abilities. You should be too.

Our first project

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First sketch of the characters

Having declared our theme, our very talented graphic artists began sketching the characters, maps, and locations. Meanwhile, the developers began to work on the prototype of the game.

That’s everything that happened to this point, so you haven’t missed too much action happening, but Rome wasn't built in one day as well so give us some time.

Why are we writing a blog?

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While working on the project, the idea came up that it could be interesting to write a blog for the community to be part of the project from the very first moment. So I’m sitting here, after reading a blog post about “How to write the perfect blog”, attempting my very first blog post.

If you’re still reading, I hope you’re entertained and a little excited about what’s yet to come in the future. So stay tuned for new updates, pictures, and insights from the Lazy Koala Games Team.

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Start-Up based in Karlsruhe working on the best mobile games at the market.

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