A doublet and hose guide to the intrigues of international Bio relations.

What have the machinations and artful courtly subterfuges of someone like Isabella D’Este in the 16th Century court of Mantua got to do with the burgeoning bioeconomy?

How does Shakespeare help us to better shape a more fruitful and mutually beneficial sphere of Life Sciences in which everyone can benefit? …


An exercise in socialising science.

Imagine it’s a wet Wednesday evening in a bar somewhere.

Now imagine you’re just an ordinary person [I know it’s hard, but try], standing in that bar with all the usual every day crazy smashing around inside your head — of your a**hole boss, mortgage repayments, school runs, zoom PTSD, credit card bills, grocery shopping, energy bill hikes — oh…

Sustainable storytelling doesn’t really feel very, well, sustainable. Not in the ‘joyous, must watch, slightly addictive, surprised me’ department anyway.

There’s lots of one off pieces that capture people’s attention. …

Julian Louis Borra

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