Emoji usage in your domain
Joe McCormack

Interesting… Having special characters in your password is nice and all but not being able to type them could be a real problem.

I don’t think MS can do anything about it since something like an on-screen-unicode-keyboard is not really anything you want to use to type in your password. But I’ve got a far better idea:

We need keyboards with little displays in the keys and two additional keys to switch pages, like on the phone when you try to type “#” for example, you have to switch to the special characters tab first and then go to 2nd page.

Let’s say the next gen keyboard had roughly 60 of these new keys with displays (-> no fixed character, can show any unicode character), you’d only need 2290 pages to go through all the unicode characters (137.374 by the time I wrote this). I’d say that’s not too bad. Of course, you should be able to sort them. Everyone who’s ever sorted the channels on their TV knows that this is fun!

Jokes aside. I really wonder where all this emoji stuff is going. On the one hand it’s nice being able to use them, on the other it’s really hard to find a good way for the user to use them. It’s already annoying enough when you’re looking for a certain emoji on your mobile, I really don’t want to have that problem in everyday working life.