In order to find yourself, you must first get lost.

Adam, Yuan, Krystel conducting a roadmap study with participant.

I had a feeling I knew what I was getting myself into when I registered for The Creative Founder with Christina Wodtke and Kate Rutter. I had spoken with a few people who had taken it the year before, they…

I felt pretty good about our presentation going in. All of our research, milestones and key sections were achieved and thoughtfully considered, we have come so far. I thought all of our content would speak for itself. Then, our achilles heel struck us again. Time. Our presentation was not timed appropriately and we were still unable to deliver the content in a way that was digestible. We have a lot of work to do, but luckily all of our issues are timing and structuring. We will try to address those two issues and practice, practice, practice.

Next time will be focus on these areas and be more mindful of engagement. We will have a more cohesive slide deck and a demo that is timed well. #mantra

Julian Crespo

Interaction Design Undergraduate at CCA. I’m a creative pragmatist who is comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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