Filling the Holes

As a team, we determined that our holes had more to do with team dynamics than anything else. We have been working very hard, but at times, not as efficient as we could be. We have had too many late night synthesis sessions which lead to less than ideal results, missed opportunities and unnecessary fatigue. We have limited time to meet, which means that when we do meet, it needs to be valuable.

Having reflected on this, I do feel that our pace, and attention to the process has put us in a very good position as we move forward. We challenged our own assumptions at every turn, and didn’t let ourselves fall into a solution trap. We have respected the process and were patient as we listened and focused on the pains and gains of our customer segment. What seemed like indecision on our part, was the genuine nature of fact and need-finding.

We are confident in our Value Proposition, because we tirelessly questioned our assumptions and hypotheses. However, we did find a hole in our use of language.

“A product for college students who want to improve executive function skills, by building reusable habit structures needed to achieve goals.”

Our customer segment was also an area of focus, as we decided to broaden our SOM. But we feel it was a minor consideration that we have been meaning to adjust. We decided to include Grad students into our segment because they have parallel struggles that undergrads have to deal with.

I am very excited to this upcoming couple of weeks because our product is beginning to take shape. I am a little worried about this weekend because there is a major project for my Behavior class with Haakon Faste, which can potentially stunt our momentum. We will do our best to prepare for any potential setbacks, which means we need to be even more strategic with our group work sessions and delegation. We shall see how this week unfolds.

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